Part of our group: ESC India





Part of our group: ESC India

22. Mai 2018 | #Expertise #Intern_ISI #Team | M. N. Sukumaran, Managing Director, ESC India

In January 2014, ...

... ESC Utility Services Private Limited (ESC India) was born in the small city of Trivandrum, Kerala in India, where the richest temple in the world is located, after its discovery of invaluable and still hidden treasures.  Trivandrum is the capital city of one of the most beautiful states of India, Kerala which is known as “Gottes eigenem Land”, famous as a world tourism ( destination.

Born as a sister of ISI Management Consulting GmbH, in the initial year ESC India was grown slowly with a very small team of young colleagues. In the Kindergarten days the ESC India team were trained by the ESC German team to support the Business Processes of German EVUs. This was technically handled through a secured VPN that enabled remote connection with the client systems without giving any worries to the customers or the colleagues in Germany.  These first steps of ESC India could create a high confidence among the customers as well as the group companies. In between we created an integrated and successful working model between the Indian and German team to serve even bigger projects with 100% service quality from India.  ESC India is now handling many business processes, market research activities, data capturing, digitalization support projects etc. closely with the ISI- and ESC-teams in Germany.  Our colleagues from both countries India and Germany are enjoying working together and a few colleagues already got travelling between Germany and India.

ESC India and its German family believe to grow together and to achieve the common goal to support our customers to find us as a unique company who keeps their business running without any worries.


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