ESC India - Services at COVID-19 times





ESC India - Services at COVID-19 times

16. Oktober 2020 | #Intern_ISI #Team | M. N. Sukumaran

Until March 2020, ...

... we never imagined that we are going to face a new challenge in serving our valued partners and customers across Germany under an emerging COVID-19 pandemic situation.  All our customers were enjoying our services in the form of getting their digitalized data on daily / weekly basis without any quality loss or delays as per their long term agreements with us.

From April 2020 onwards, while pandemic situation grew, we started communicating with our employees and group companies in order to implement a disruption free delivery of our routine services. Our priority has been to also safeguard the business continuity along with the health and well-being of our associates in the countries where we operate.

At the initial phase, we took proactive measures like restricting contacts of employees inside office by reducing the number of employees at office, travel restrictions using public transports, cancellation of internal meetings etc. and enabling technology based work from home.

In order to enable work from home, we set up an uninterrupted own Virtual Private Network (VPN) at our office to connect the devices at our colleagues home and office network as if they are working at office with robust security, performance and monitoring measures. For collaborating within the team and also with our colleagues in Germany, we implemented Microsoft Teams platforms so that communication also gets streamlined.

When we look back to the situation before March 2020 and compare the current situation in October 2020, we are proud to announce that we have zero impact of the pandemic situation in terms of our agreed services delivery and thus keeping all of them up and running. Also we could safeguard our employees and business with our timely actions.  

We believe that the pandemic created ESC and its group companies a stronger hand in hand holding trust with all our existing stakeholders. We will continue to keep earning their trust by working together to navigate through these difficult times.

We also should thank our customers, partners, investors, industry colleagues, for their tremendous confidence and support to us for beating this pandemic. It is our collective responsibility, not just as a business relationship, but as human beings.


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